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Abandon yourself to the pleasure you've always wanted!


  • Energy drink Mix of self-service drinks.
  • Soft Drink Self-service dispensers of natural and sparkling water, soda, orange soda, tea and lemonade.
  • Coffee bar Coffee, cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee, milk and barley coffee.
  • Vegan Drink. Self-service drinks mix with fruit and vegetable mix with ginger.
  • Tisanito - An alternative to the usual coffee! 24h distributor in the bars of hot herbal teas.
  • Fruit drink. Self-service dispenser of fruit juices.
  • Free alcohol only adults. Self-service dispensers of white sparkling wine, red wine, beer. Homemade tonic liquors and grappa available at the bar.
  • Free ice self-service dispenser of colorfree snowcones.
  • Free ice-cream self-service dispenser of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.
  • Free ice-yogurt natural yogurt always available at the bar.


Food and snacks at any time of the day
  • NEWS 2020 Candy Shop self-service candy dispenser
  • NEWS 2020 Lo Spuntino di Fabino sweet or savory snack with our mascot Fabino
  • All inclusive buffet for Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Pop Corn h24 self-service dispenser always available 
  • Nachos caldi h24 self-service dispenser always available
  • Continental breakfast crêpes and omelette freshly made and stuffed, homemade desserts, pancakes and french toasts.
  • Live Cooking restaurant and pizzeria  quality buffets of starters, vegetables, main course, second course and side dishes 
  • Free Sweet lemon and coffee sorbets, artesanal icecream, buffet of homemade desserts from our pastr
  • Gnammy” Kids Buffet children can have lunch and dinner with the animation team 
  • Spuntino Sogni d'oro - From 22 till 24 buffet with bisquits, hot milk, chamomile and infusions
  • THEME DINNER - ”TERRA NOSTRA" Traditional dinner with local and organic products 
  • Special Sweet "DONUTS PARTY" theme party with colorful donuts
  • Special Sweet "CARAMEL FRUIT" theme party with freshly caramelled fruits 
  • Special Sweet "CAKE DESIGN" theme party with huge and colorful sugar paste cake 


Absolute Fun for all ages
  • NEWS 2020 The little mermaid - Mermaiding arrives in fabilia. Dive into the pool and learn how to swim like a real mermaid
  • NEWS 2020 Future Games Room - Game area with interactive floor and touchscreen games for an unforgettable experience 
  • NEWS 2020 Esport Challenge - Tournaments and challenges for a neverending amusement 
  • NEWS 2020 Sport Academy - Wide calendar of activities. Try them all 
  • NEWS 2020 Bedtime Story - Animated fairytales will keep company to the little ones before bedtime
  • Castle Playground - A magic location where children can play safely 
  • Teatropolis - Theatre shows and entertainment every evening at 9 pm 
  • Little Houses, Slides and swings to play and have fun on the beach 
  • Internal Playground Room for all ages
  • Soft Room safe internal area with soft and electronic game. Dedicated to children between the ages of 2 and 5 
  • Nursery Room Dedicated to Minions (0 - 2 years)   
  • Animation for children and teens - A rich continuous program of activities throughout the day. In the hotel, in the park or on the beach
  • MARY POPPINS -  baby sitting service dedicated exclusively to small puppies from 6 months to 2 years every day from 10 to 12 am and from 2 pm till 6 pm (Saturday is not included). The nanny can hold up to 2 children for each time slot)
  • Fabilandia Program organised according to age groups: Minions (0-2), Babys (2- 5), Juniores (6-11) Teenagers (12-16)
  • Fabilab Attack recreational children activities in the hotel and on the beach



  • NEWS 2020 GUIDED TOUR Once a week nature trails passing throught the pine grove and headed to the House of butterflies
  • Heated Swimming pool up to 28° with water slides and oversee by our safeguard 
  • Private Beach with 2 towels + 2 beds and 1 beach umbrella from the third row (first and second row by reservation and with an extra charge)
  • Mum Area h24 little kitchen equipped with vegetable or meat broath, vegetable soup, cheese, parmesan, microwave, blender, stoves and cutlery 
  • Laundry h24 self service laundry area
  • Pediatric Care scheduled time, or upon request 
  • Wifi free wifi throughout all the family resort
  • Luggage Room
  • Bycicles with or without baby seats. (according to availability) 
  • Stroller according to availability
  • External Parking (blue stripes) free daily pass according to availability or paying internal parking according to availability 
  • NEWS 2020 Merendino Snack Box: Take what you want from the buffet and bring it anywhere with you want. Also includes a bottle carrier 
  • NEWS 2020 Bicchierino: To avoid plastic waste we created this foldable cup. You can use it any dispenser 
  • NEWS 2020 Drink Bottle: This latest generation 70 ml thermos will mantain the temperature of your drinks. You can use it in any dispenser 
  • NEWS 2020 Frullo: Learn every frisbee game with our frisbee frullo
  • PuppIce: Useful straw glass to taste our snowcone anywhere you want 
  • Bongy: Jumping ball for you children
  • Spiaggina: Smart beach bag to carry beach towels
  • Backpack: it will keep safe your snack box and your drink bottle

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